Chamber bot medicine: A gunner’s poetry

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September 26, 2015 by Dr. Geyser

Honorable medical students leave behind broken knowledge holes
Triple-double cock the barrel of my metal heart and scratch violet
The power rising between enfeebled legs                                       A part:part:whole
Ratio gradually fills every corner in the space of being-inviolate
Fatter fetters being nothing neither
Red nor cold blue violence         IV dripdropped
Responsibilities et al.                BID rxxx
Man’s Man’s manditorials:
Gravitas (g)
Hemispheres (2)
Bullets (hollow)
Periods (points)
New endings
For old men.

Big Bang Bang
Release the fun is
Over, shapely
Along the seams,
Spaced in and out and in
No time:time:know

P = M.D.
Housed and

Call a doctor.

The doctor is in
An empty chamber
Smoking his last

Let him die.


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