I Myself Am a Tyrant

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October 6, 2015 by Dr. Geyser

Outright denial of the value of one’s former employments is a sign that the speaker is hidden from himself by the hardened mask of inconstant self-effacement. It reveals that the person speaking does not have the capacity to judge his own work after his ideals have been violated. Within this person, life is an all-or-none phenomenon. When confronted with the physiological challenge of long hours, illness, and parenthood, this person will revert from the positivist mentality he brought into the interview to the case-building negativity of those who cannot manage an amicable divorce.

Those who cannot praise the successful elements hidden within their past achievements will not be able to contribute to the accumulating successes of an embodied corporate tradition.

This man is a dissimulating mercenary.
This man is not even loyal to himself.
This man cannot see beyond the limits of his own body.
This man is easily inebriated by the discontinuity of death.
This man will dissolve every bond in pursuit of the unknown.
This man needs science, and a little bit of philosophy, without which he will soon starve himself to death.

He turns in circles until, like a tornado, he has touched down upon some open midwestern plain, after which his life of dissolution will be quickly brought to a predictably unpredictable end.

This man has needs that exceed those offered by unemployment. DO NOT employ him – this will never be enough. Instead, exceed his capacity to eliminate himself by demanding the strength of his charge. You will need to change your negotiating strategy as often as he attempts to hide behind the violence inflicted by, and then upon, his prior employers. Commit to this man’s fruitfulness as if it were the organization’s bottom line. Build him up upon a corporate foundation, and let others climb the rungs of an otherwise worthless and arbitrarily destructive natural disaster.

If this scheme is to work, you must be as transparent with him as possible. Open his eyes to the structure of his commitments before investing him with the iron bars of corporate responsibility. Let him see and touch what others must be content with only knowing and understanding. Finally, remove any possibility of his willful unemployment by simplifying the legal barriers imposed by his contract. Show him the hierarchy within which he will be allowed to create himself, holding nothing back.

The most important thing to remember is that the key to this man’s productivity is not money, but rather the investing of his body with the object of his employment. What may appear to be mercenary in his personal affects may, with the proper challenge and restraint, become the purple robes of a great, unspeakably pure, corporate tyrant. He must be the head, the face, the force of his creations, if they are to have any meaning, any feeling, associated with them.

At home, this man is tortured by the coldness of his body, his environment, his familiars. He speaks loudly of what he has because he cannot experience the pleasure of self-possession save through the changes it brings about in others. He is an employee that is incapable of feeling loyalty, and so he must constantly declare or deny his past, present and even future affiliations. Only by amplifying these fickle bonds to the extreme, as the owner or singular authority of something outside of himself, will this man ever be permitted the feeling of ‘being human.’


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