XOXO, Demi Lovato

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February 14, 2016 by Dr. Geyser

Is not life more than food, and the body more than clothes?
— JFC, Matthew 6:25

Demi Lovato helps to resolve the insecure selfhood of the philosopher through a quick and dirty exchange of mind and body mediated by her power over the male gaze. Clothed in leather and draped in her own self-confidence, she steps into the fertile position between power and knowledge within a social system primarily suited to the needs of the male body. There is a feeling of closure, of completion, of unity within a body no longer subservient to the social construction of mind-body duality – a fitted contact between bodies that temporarily relieves the male of his duties to the care of self.
— Michel Foucault

Demi Lovato is a model citizen of this freely elected, all-American democracy. Let me tell you, it is liberating – and I mean liberating, with a capital ‘L’ – to see women grabbing the attention of male voters on social media platforms like YouTube. The internet is an amazing place, and there is just so much to see and reflect upon because that’s what makes America great.
— President Barack Obama

Although in theory Lovato’s model appears to be constructed on biological principles, the body-body model cannot be readily falsified using the available methods of modern science. New methods will need to be developed by those interested in pursuing her otherwise phenomenal scientific paradigm, so that those of us who like to watch will feel confident enough to seek out new ways of rejecting, falsifying, and denigrating the human body.
— Karl Popper

Demi Lovato is so hot right now.
— Mugatu

The mind can never leave the body, and to suggest it should is naive. For to think does not always mean simply to judge [or not to feel]; it is to leave one’s own sphere, to think of another, to empathize, to place oneself where one’s body is not, to become the other’s body, to feel their pleasure and respond to their pulses, to climax with and for them. Without the mind, the body can think only of itself and its own pleasure, there can be no synchronicity or search for the other’s erogenous pathways. What one does not feel oneself, one must think. It is the mind which introduces congruence and regulates pulses. Were the body allowed to run its course, there would be only insanity on one side and a frightened pious virgin on the other.
— Alain de Botton, On Love

But what if truth were a woman? What then?
— Friedrich Nietzsche

If the wheel had not creaked, it would have been marvelous.
— Kafka, in The Penal Colony


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