What is a superstition?

April 13, 2016 by Dr. Geyser

The tie worn by many physicians carries bacteria.

Singular facts of this kind are almost old wives’ tales by the time they begin to circulate. In more modern terms, we ought to treat these tall orders as manipulative supernaturalisms that have been elevated by their factuality, and now seem to be above any accusation of superstition.

What is a superstition?

When a local fact is applied universally, as scientists often do, it is a superstition.

When local myths are “falsified” because they are contrary to historical facts, the facts themselves may be superstitions, but now it is no longer clear. The universal scholar has compared his own work to that of someone who is not a scholar, who never claimed to be a scholar, and certainly never intended his work for an audience of the variety now claiming to have falsified it.

Forced to defend themselves on the basis of fact alone, locals are often willing to risk the false judgments of the scientist and the scholar in order to prevent the loss of what they perceive to be an important narrative tradition.

Is it ethical for scholars to treat this local form of political resistance as ignorance?

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