Geyserism No. 13

January 31, 2017 by Dr. Geyser

Health is not just for those who are sick, just as justice is not only for those who are guilty. The substance of law is not language, not signs, signifiers and signifieds, not a metaphysical agency to which force must be added, but rather the body of man himself.

A law prescribed is not the same as a law well-taken. Like the physician, the lawmaker only attends to the sick, in so far as it is only ever the sick who cry out for their attention. In either case, the substance of the medication enters the body medical or political in a manner that is dependent upon the route of adminstration, the lipid- and hydro-solubility of the physical substance, the timing and dosing of the prescribed regimen, and so on.

Though the substance is taken in to the body as a whole, the operation of the substance upon the body is always localized.

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