Geyserism No. 8

January 31, 2017 by Dr. Geyser

The economic, political and territorial sovereignty of the United States, along with the power of self-government which sovereignty entails, is the physical foundation of our reality as a sovereign nation of peoples and states. It is not only mad men who ignore this reality, but also those whose interests are opposed to the reality wherein they have been invested. For it stands to reason that all interests remain invested within reality and cannot of themselves be opposed to its factuality, such that those who ignore the facts of a situation are not mad men in the psychiatric sense, but rather are factually insanitary with respect to the reality of their private or public office. The factual burden of an incoming administration will therefore be assessed prior to its importation into the domain of public policy and governmental bureaucracy. Wherever the factual burden of an incoming administration cannot be taken into account, the administration itself will be understood to represent a long-term source of insecurity and corruption in our national and international intelligence agencies.

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