Geyserism No. 24

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March 10, 2017 by Dr. Geyser

One thinks of the group, and then thinks no more. One thinks of the group, only to find that one has become the thought.

As a consequence of one’s thinking, one is always susceptible to accusations of villainy wherever one has given up on truths that are dependent upon one’s belief in their validity. For the group is founded upon a belief in its own necessity, and not upon unity in any real or lasting sense.

Proof of the genuine type is inferior to that which refuses to bend the knee, even when the latter is proven to be quite wrong. For while the victor sits contented with himself, the commander goes on commanding without the least reluctance, shame or hesitancy, knowing full well that it was the magnitude of his error that legitimated its correction. This lesson, which is very old, has nonetheless escaped modern men of reason and science, who believe themselves to be superior to the Ancients in the quantity of their knowledge. This belief, which is nothing original in the historical sense, nonetheless reveals in its spiritual imports the dangers of reactionary discourse. For universal knowledge is obtained through discourse, not through consensus per se, which in any case reflects a scientific significance with respect to knowledge that is by no means a limit upon how this knowledge may be used. The power of knowledge is derived from its use, not from a belief that what one knows is true.


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