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What is anxiety?

Anxiety—the desire to move, in the absence of good reasons for doing so.

What is narcissism?

Narcissism is an overwhelmingly creative impulse misdirected at something which already exists, namely, you yourself.

What is consciousness?

Selective obstruction of organic cognition using language that is typically ordered to prevent the ‘impractical’ imposition of cognition on the needs of the day, the hour and the task at hand. In American society, consciousness is thought to be the highest mark of intelligence, and one of the primary features of Homo sapiens that distinguishes it from all other living and nonliving things. The physiological consequences of ‘consciousness’ differ from individual to individual, but are generally more pronounced in those who research, write about, ‘believe in’, or otherwise contemplate consciousness, either in-themselves or for-others. The effect of consciousness on non-sapient (unwise) lifeforms are primarily indirect, due to the interspecies communication barrier promulgated a priori as Western philosophy. Although some species, such as the parrot, may be able to articulate the word ‘consciousness’, there is little or no effect on organic cognition because the limited vocabulary of Homo sapients prevents the acquisition of a sufficiently complex semantic network in non-sapient species.

O’Rourke, Joseph. 1993. “Consciousness Explained.” Artificial Intelligence 60 (2) (April): 303–312. doi:10.1016/0004-3702(93)90006-W.

What is ‘good parenting’?

Good parenting—cultivation, consistency, and acceptance of responsibility for mature products of conception.

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