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  1. Grief in brief

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    January 18, 2016 by Dr. Geyser

    In Heaven, there are neither papers nor printers nor word processors nor dictionaries nor thesasauruses nor editors nor editorials nor peer previewers nor book reviews nor blogs nor blog posts nor writers nor authors nor givers nor takers nor journalists nor science writers nor typewriters nor printing presses nor Martin Luthers nor first drafts nor second drafts nor final drafts nor rejection letters nor etymologies nor grammatical tenses nor “knowledge” nor vocabulary nor spelling bees nor elementary teachers nor tier 3 scholars nor placards nor bachelors nor masters nor philosophical doctors nor TAs nor Tb nor B.S. nor advertisements nor ad men nor interior decorators nor aluminum siding nor in-laws nor laws nor lawyers nor anyone else who is too afraid to admit that Heaven is a consequence of having already made it through Hell. For wouldn’t that mean we ought to be grateful for – all of this? and all of them? So long as “for” remains “for” and not “to,” I reserve the right to cast my gratitude beyond the meagre “rights of Man,” towards a future where the tyrant known as Man can no longer claim to have any special rights over “Nature.” I am grateful for tomorrow, but even the past is more promising a future than anything I have witnessed today.

  2. Nothing Rhymes with My OPPs


    October 21, 2015 by Dr. Geyser

    In this breathtaking edition of Writing While Taking a Dump (WWTaD), everything is surface and mere appearances – so watch out!